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Organic waste gas purification condensation shutdown note

If the organic waste gas is purified and condensed, if it encounters a fault during operation, it should be shut down and disposed of in time. Then, how can LNEYA organic waste gas purification and condensation be used once it is shut down?

The organic waste gas purification condensing device introduces the volatile VOCS gas into the equipment cold box (the device sets the condensation temperature 3 ° C -40 ° C -75 ° C -115 ° C). Other temperature zones can be customized to follow the demand for gradual condensation liquefaction. Part of the continuous production process has done a two-way switching process in the low temperature section (after one side of the ice block, it is directly switched to another heat exchange cold box condensation, while the ice block side is treated with defrost). With the increasing attention to environmental issues, organic waste gas purification and condensation is favored by customers.

Once the machine is shut down, if the exhaust gas high pressure of the organic exhaust gas purification and condensation is solved, after the low water temperature fault is removed, if it is not solved, it is necessary to press the reset operation of the protection switch, and then the power is turned on after the shutdown switch. If the shut-off valve cannot be easily closed after tripping, the motor cannot be started directly across the current interrupter. The motor and wiring that require organic exhaust gas purification and condensation should be inspected in detail to find out the cause of the trip and how to deal with it. Just fine.

If you want to stop the organic exhaust gas purification and condensation operation under a relatively normal state, it is recommended that you do not stop the power supply directly. Remember to keep the oil heater in a state of constant heating during the shutdown state. Ultra-low voltage faults as well as high-temperature faults and flow faults are automatically reset after being eliminated. Once the auto-reset is required, the shutdown switch can be pressed again before it can be restarted, so that the organic exhaust gas purification and condensation can be operated more efficiently.

The organic waste gas purification condensing shutdown needs to be cautious. If the shutdown is improper, it may cause some failures. Therefore, the user needs to know clearly before proceeding.

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