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About vocs condensation adsorption machine resonance fault description

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When choosing vocs condensation adsorption machine, LNEYA recommends selecting reliable vocs condensation adsorption machine equipment to avoid some simple faults, but if a similar resonance fault occurs, it needs to be solved in time.

For VOCS gas single material or multi-material condensation recovery, suitable for hydrocarbons: such as gasoline, crude oil, fuel oil, kerosene, diesel, heavy oil, mixed hydrocarbons; aromatics: benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, stone brain Oils, etc.; alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters, etc. In the following tank areas, the respiratory volatilization loss of the emptying valve; the loading and unloading area, the stochastic volatilization loss of the tank truck; the production and release area, the solvent evaporation loss of the pulling tank and the stirring reactor; the loading and chemistry of various volatile chemicals Recycling of various volatile VOCS gases produced by the storage and transportation industry and the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

If the vocs condensation adsorption machine encounters resonance, the cement foundation may be too light or the grouting is poor or the plane size is too small, causing the fan foundation to be out of contact with the foundation, the anchor bolts are loose, the base connection is not strong, and the foundation stiffness is not enough or the fan base or The rigidity of the volute is too low, the inlet and outlet pipes connected to the fan are unsupported and softly connected, the adjacent facilities are too close to the foundation of the fan, or the rigidity thereof is too small. In general, the professional vocs condensing and absorbing machine is recommended to reinforce the foundation or re-grout, tighten the nut, strengthen its stiffness or add support and soft joints, and even increase stiffness.

I believe that when you choose the vocs condensing and absorbing machine, you will definitely have the idea of choosing a brand manufacturer. After all, the brand manufacturers’ vocs condensing and absorbing machine equipment has certain guarantees in configuration.

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