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Component and component tester for special environments

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With the continuous development of the semiconductor industry, component component testing has been widely used in components in the fields of industry, scientific research, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industry. At present, there are quite a few projects for component component testing applications, and new projects are under continuous development.

In the electronics industry, component component testers are used as low temperature stabilizers to improve the performance of electronic components. For example, in the low temperature environment required for components, the performance of the infrared detector is significantly improved, that is, the response time is shortened, the sensitivity is improved, the response wavelength is broadened, the background noise is decreased, the dark current and noise of the photomultiplier tube are reduced, and the oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal is stable, etc. .

As a cold source, the component component test device can replace dry ice and realize a cold source without refrigerant for measuring, controlling and improving process performance. For example, with a cold trap in a vacuum diffusion pump, the vacuum can be increased by an order of magnitude. In the laboratory, the component component tester can be used for simple and reliable temperature control of any point during the freezing point, cloud point analysis and measurement of the sample, reducing the usual use of ice, carbon dioxide dry ice or mechanical refrigeration. trouble.

The component component testing device can be used for dew point temperature measurement in meteorology, photo and x-ray film fixing development, low temperature physical property test in the material industry, and determination and control of industrial gas moisture content. When the CPU on the computer motherboard works normally, it will dissipate heat. Most of them use a small fan to cool down and have a loud noise. If the small fan is changed to the component part test device, the cooling effect will be better.

The component component tester is also used in air conditioning, refrigeration and dehumidification devices in special environments such as vehicles, nuclear submarines, destroyers, deep submersibles, decompression chambers, and underground buildings.

As the cooling performance continues to increase, the cost is gradually reduced, and component component testing devices are bound to be widely used.

There are many semiconductor industries for component component testing. Users can select component parts and test models according to the temperature range required by their own semiconductors or other components.

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