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Classification and Application of Industrial Water Chillers


In lots of industrial production processes, it is difficult to obtain high efficient industrial production efficiency if there is no industrial water chiller to provide a low temperature production environment. Therefore, industrial water chiller is a very important and professional refrigeration equipment in the industrial market. At present, industrial water chillers can be divided into a lot of types, and their application range is also wide. So, what kinds of industrial water chiller systems can be divided into? What is the scope of its application? Next, let's give you a detailed introduction.  

Industrial water chiller equipment is a high-performance industrial refrigeration and temperature control machine. Using high-performance and high-quality industrial chiller system, users can get the specific temperature required for their own equipment production. In general, according to the differences in the working performance and refrigeration mode of industrial chiller products, industrial chiller equipment can be roughly divided into: air-cooled water chiller, water-cooled water chiller, screw water chiller, etc.

It can be said that industrial water chiller equipment has been applied to various industries all over the world and can play an effective role in the production of different industries. Nowadays, various types of industrial water chillers can be widely used in plastic industry, mold industry, electroplating industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, hardware electroplating industry, biochemistry and other industries. They are also common in universities, laboratories, research institutes and other places.

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