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How to solve the frosting phenomenon of 50p freezer compressor?

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50p freezer is used in industrial cold treatment, but if the performance is not good, it may lead to industrial work, especially if it is faulty, it is more difficult to solve. Therefore, it is better to understand the various faults of the 50p refrigerator compressor. .

50p freezer compressor return air frosting is a very common phenomenon in the refrigeration system. Under normal conditions, system problems will not be formed immediately, and the fine frosting will not be treated normally. If the frosting phenomenon is serious, it needs to be solved in time. The root cause of this situation is that the refrigerant flowing through the evaporator does not fully absorb the heat required to expand itself to a predetermined pressure temperature value.

The temperature and pressure volume values that cause the 50p freezer to return to the air are relatively low. This problem may be caused by the evaporator not being able to absorb heat normally, or the cold volume generated by the evaporator cannot be taken away. The representation is that the return liquid temperature and pressure are normal or slightly lower, and the compressor is gradually condensed toward the evaporator from the gas return port. After a long time, all the ice is frozen from the compressor return port to the evaporator and the throttle valve to the evaporator section. , there is a low pressure. Since the amount of refrigerant is too small, the evaporation pressure of the evaporator is low, resulting in low evaporation temperature, which will gradually lead to condensation of the evaporator to form a heat insulation layer and transfer the expansion point to the compressor return air to cause the compressor to return to the air. If the amount of fluorine is normal or excessive, and if there is a situation such as excessive condensation heat exchange, the high pressure is low, then the refrigerant at the front end of the throttle valve under the same volume will show low pressure and high quality.

At the initial throttle opening, the quality of the refrigerant liquid flowing through the throttle valve will be more than normal, and the amount of heat that needs to be absorbed from the evaporator will be excessive. If the corresponding heat is not completely absorbed from the evaporator, the compressor will be returned. The tracheal temperature is low. At the same time, due to the low pressure at the front end of the throttle valve, the back pressure of the throttle valve will also be low. If the Dalian 50p chiller installation system is an expansion valve, (detecting the return pipe temperature and pressure, the pipe temperature is reduced, The pressure reduction opening increases) Compared with the normal state opening, it will not make too much adjustment, then the low pressure will be maintained until the compressor returns to the frost, which seems to be deficient in fluorine (low pressure and low pressure) and low return pipe temperature. Causes frosting.

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