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LNEYA chip test temperature control system operation overview

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With the development of technology, chip testing has a very high requirement for its accuracy under certain temperature requirements. So what is the understanding of the chip test system?

Chip testing requires high temperature accuracy in low temperature environments to ensure test accuracy of electrical parameters. Under normal circumstances, the temperature control of the chip test is simply controlled by the automatic feeder. This control method is based on the cooling control method. Although it can accurately guarantee the overall temperature of the test chamber where the chip is located, it cannot be sensed in time. During the process, the temperature change caused by the power consumption of the chip cannot control the temperature of the test socket where the chip is located in real time, thereby affecting the test yield of the chip.

The chip test is based on the semiconductor refrigeration device in the original refrigeration environment, and builds a more stable low temperature test temperature compensation control system based on closed-loop feedback. The system uses the semiconductor refrigeration device and combines the resources of the original test system. The low-temperature test environment of the chip performs real-time local temperature compensation, thereby achieving high-precision constant temperature control and ensuring the yield of the chip test.

Chip testing is an indispensable part of the production of semiconductor devices. Chip testing is very strict on the test environment. In the chip test environment, the test temperature is an important parameter in the test environment. For most industrial grade chips, it is not only required to test at room temperature, but also requires testing at low temperature and high temperature. The temperature accuracy of low temperature test is three kinds of tests. It is difficult to control under temperature. Therefore, establishing a stable low-temperature control system to ensure the temperature accuracy of the low-temperature test environment is one of the important links in the chip test.

The usual low temperature control system is realized by the cooling of the automatic feeder. The temperature control system mainly includes temperature sensors, temperature controllers and equipment. A plurality of temperature sensors and input ports are placed in the entire sealed environment, and the target temperature is set through the user interface. The temperature control method has the advantages of low cost, small environmental pollution, and the like, and the temperature control of the test chamber of the automatic feeder is better, but Local real-time temperature compensation cannot be performed on the test slot where the chip is located. As the power consumption during the chip test is generated, the temperature of the chip test slot will deviate more and more from the set target temperature, but this local temperature change Can not quickly affect the overall temperature of the test cavity, therefore, will cause the local temperature of the test slot to rise to the rate of the low temperature test that has affected the chip, and the automated feeder is still unable to detect the temperature of the test cavity as a whole. The change occurs to control the temperature. Based on this situation, the introduction of a system that can monitor the temperature change of the test slot in real time and perform temperature compensation in real time according to temperature changes is very necessary for chip testing.

The chip test semiconductor refrigeration device has the advantages of small size, high refrigeration efficiency, high precision, etc., and can be mounted on the test board for rapid real-time compensation of local temperature. Therefore, the system introduces a semiconductor refrigeration device as a local auxiliary refrigeration compensation device in a cooling test environment, and establishes a hybrid cooling mode to make the test environment temperature more stable.

Wuxi Guanya LNEYA chip test temperature control system is mainly used in various chip tests, and it is also widely used in semiconductor refrigeration, low temperature compensation, test systems and other working conditions.

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