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Heat treatment freezer

Heat treatment freezer

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In the past, during hot-fitting, when it could not be installed, workers often needed to use a sledgehammer or a crane to lift heavy objects for impact to complete the assembly. This operation has a certain degree of danger. Break. With cold assembly, a small workpiece can be completed by one person, just put the parts into the base hole. During the hot-fitting process, the base hole parts need to be heated and then cooled in the air. This process is equivalent to performing a low-temperature annealing treatment on the parts, which reduces the hardness and strength of the parts. Cold assembly is equivalent to performing a cold treatment on the parts. After the parts are cold treated, the following can be obtained:
a. Lower austenite can make the product invariable for a long time;
b. Increased hardness and averaging;
c. Improve the performance of machinery;
d. Stable size;
e. Increased magnetism;
f. Enhanced wear resistance.

Thereby improving efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of workers.

The cryogenic process of the ice-cooling machine for the heat treatment of cutting tools can improve the performance of metal materials. Effective and economical technical indicators. During the cryogenic process of martensite, the retained austenite is transformed, and the performance of the finely dispersed carbides changes in the material , It can hinder the dislocation movement of ultra-fine carbides, thereby strengthening the matrix structure and exerting the grain boundary strengthening effect, which has been improved in the following three aspects: impact toughness, wear resistance, and dimensional stability.

GY-A028N GY-A050N GY-A080N GY-A0A16N
280L 500L 800L 1600L
Inner dimension
Capability carrying
150KG 220KG 300KG 650KG
Designed bearing capacity is two times of the standard one, (refrigeration system is designed according
to the standard capacity when target artifact weight is greater than the standard capacity, the cooling
rate will decrease)
Temp. range
-100℃~60℃ -100℃~60℃ -100℃~60℃ -100℃~60℃
Cooling capacity at -90℃
0.7kw 1 kw 2 kw 3kw
Temp. accuracy
±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃ ±2℃
Heating power
2kw 3kw 5kw 8kw
Nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater, the controller has double safety protection, with independent
temperature limiter protection.
Cooling rate (Ambient temperature of 25℃, no-load, from 60 ℃s to -95 ℃ about 1 hour).;cooling rate will be a little
different for temperature changes.
Controller ASET multifunctional controller
Operation panel 7-inch color touch screen, display set temperature, measured temperature.
Temp. record Temperature curve and fault record, U-disk data export, excel format.
Inside circulating air
2100 m³/h 2750 m³/h 3500 m³/h 6000 m³/h
When it is open, the internal circulation fan automatically turns off. The touch screen displays open state.
Compressor Emerson Copeland, adopt cascade refrigeration technology
Intermediate heat exchanger KAORI Plate heat exchanger
Dry filter Emerson
Expansion valve Electronic expansion valve
Evaporator Copper-tube with aluminum-fin
Cooling Type Air-cooled with water-cooled auxiliary functions (Ensure good cooling capacity when temp. above 30℃)
Means of insulation Polyurethane foam insulation, thermal insulation layer 125 mm, with embedded FIR boards
Safety Protection Self-diagnosis function; Phase sequence phase failure protection; leakage protector; cooling unit overload
protection; high and low pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, high temperature
protection and temperature fault protection.
Case material Outside is cold rolled steel painting, internal is SUS304 wire drawing board.
Refrigerant R404A R23 R14
Power 380V 50HZ
495kg 625kg 810kg 940kg
Optional High temperature reaches 150℃ and temperature accuracy is ±0.5℃;the input power will be changed
(When select this model, the thickness of thermal insulation layer will be 150mm,thermal insulation
material will be silicate and vacuum plate)
Optional Temp. accuracy ±0.5℃
Optional Cooling and heating program controlled, meet cold treatment process requirements(can set 5 programs,
each program can edit 45 steps.)
Optional Interior door, reduce cooling capacity lost when picking small workpieces (temperature below 60℃ optional)
Optional Outside SUS304 wire drawing board case
Optional Diameter 50mm cable hole
Optional Electric heating vacuum glass observation window (with lighting) 200mm*300mm
Optional Low temperature automatic defrost (can be once per hour or use manual button to defrost), ensure it can
work at low temperature for long time even the door is open and close frequently)

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