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SLJ -110℃~-150℃
SLJ -110℃~-150℃
SLJ -110℃~-150℃
SLJ -110℃~-150℃

SLJ -110℃~-150℃ Diect Cooled Chiller

Diect cooling chiller-gas cooling
  • Cooling capacity2.5kW~11kW
  • Evaporation area2㎡~7.8㎡
  • Power range12kW~36kW
  • Cooling water@20℃3m³/h~10m³/h
  • Weight350KG~950KG
  • Place of OriginChina

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Parameters Detailed

Model SLJ-3W SLJ-4W SLJ-6W SLJ-11W
Temperature Range  -110℃~-150℃  
Cooling capacity -120℃ 3kW 4kW 6kW 11kW
-135℃ 2.1kW 2.8kW 4.2kW 7.7kW
Evaporator area 2m2 2.8m2 4m2 7.8m2
Connection size Φ16球口 Φ16球口 Φ19球口 Φ22球口
Compressor Dorin semi-closed compressor/Bitzer semi-closed compressor
Operation Panel 7-inch color touch screen display, temperature curve record
Control System PLC&Module,Set temperature difference of refrigeration on & off
Evaporator Danfoss/KAORI plate heat exchanger
Condenser Casing type water-cooled condenser / tube-type water-cooled condenser
Intermediate heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger
Refrigeration accessory Oil separators, drying filters, expansion valves, refrigeration solenoid valves, pressure control, mirrors, etc. all use Emerson / Danfoss and other brands
Electric AC contactors, intermediate relays, circuit breakers, thermal relays, etc. are Schneider / ABB brand
Refrigerant R404A /R508B/R14/R50 Mixed Refrigerant
Safety Protection High pressure protect; water supply cut-off protection; over-current protection; leakage protection; sequential and phase failure protection; High temperature protection; Sensor Failure protection; Liquid low level protection etc. multi-safety protection
Piping material Copper tube
Case material Cold rolled sheet spray 7035
Cooling Water at 20 degree 3m³/h 4m³/h 6m³/h 10m³/h
Power 380V50HZ 12kW 380V50HZ 16kW 380V50HZ 24kW 380V50HZ 36kW
Dimension  (cm) 75*75*175 75*75*175 100*195*205 300*160*230
Weight (kg) 350kg 400kg 600kg 950kg
dB within 75 dB within 80 dB

Product Description

1.Temperature ranges from -5℃ ~ -150℃, can meet different temperature
2. Famous brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed bipolar piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, main brand are BOCK. Bitzer, Copeland, Handbell, fusheng; Plate heat exchanger, Small volume, High efficiency
3. Top imported cold controller; Generator cooling water circuit uses intermediate heat exchanger, improve system reliability and safety.
4. DANFOSS electronic expansion valve, high precision control;
5. Adopt Siemens PLC S7-200/300, LNEYA touch screen, automatic control, temperature curve display, temperature record U disk, fault alarm;
6. Offer machine installation and system test, users only need to finish the installation of refrigerant and cooling water.

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