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Working state of temperature control circulating device for purification of small-scale distillation

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Distillation reflux concentration and purification temperature-control circulating device is widely used in many fields. It is very important to select appropriate equipment, which can greatly improve product quality and reduce production costs to a certain extent. Only by understanding the internal structure and technical status of the temperature control circulating device for reflux concentration and purification of small-scale distillation, can the equipment always be in good working condition.

1. Many users do not know the performance and configuration of the product before purchasing the product, nor do they know the special differences between the distillation reflux concentration purification temperature control circulation devices on the market. Therefore, it depends on the degree of workmanship of the equipment, such as uniform painting, flat bending of the plate, orderly arrangement of wires and clear sequence.

2. It mainly adopts a totally enclosed refrigeration compressor, and the refrigeration system has multiple protection devices such as overheat, overcurrent, overpressure, etc., which play a role of cooling or constant temperature.

3. Before purchasing the equipment, the customer needs to provide the required temperature range of the equipment, where to do and what to use, the temperature control accuracy, the temperature rise and fall rate, the cooling capacity, the size, material and quantity of the matching reactor, and the reactor material.

4. Various factors should be taken into consideration when selecting and purchasing the temperature control circulating device for reflux concentration and purification of small-scale distillation, such as heating power, circulating pressure, refrigerating capacity, flow rate, etc., and various working conditions require different models. If the model of the distillation reflux concentration and purification cold and hot circulation device is not selected properly, it will slightly affect the operation time of the equipment, increase the use cost, and even cause the equipment to fail to operate.

5. The requirements for temperature control of reaction kettle are different, and the requirements for material, quantity, inlet temperature, inlet temperature and accuracy are different, so the corresponding model size is also different. Users need accurate process data, and select the appropriate model according to these data.

6. According to the temperature requirements of the reaction kettle, the type of reaction medium can be determined and the matching preparation can be made. For some special environments, the isolation explosion-proof type can also be customized according to the corresponding requirements, with corresponding explosion-proof grade.

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