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Tips on how to save energy for enterprises using industrial chiller

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Nowadays, energy conservation has been advocated, and power consumption has always been a concern for everyone. Everyone knows that industrial equipment consumes electricity. For many chemical material manufacturing enterprises, the pressure of the chiller’s power consumption is not small, so how to save power is the core of this article!

Power-saving tips for industrial chiller:

First, avoid and reduce the scale of industrial chiller pipeline

If the sewage treatment is not done well, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate will cause the calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate to accumulate on the pipeline, which will reduce the heat transfer performance and endanger the heat transfer efficiency of the cooler and air-conditioning evaporator. And make the water and electricity costs of industrial chiller operation significantly increase. At this time, in addition to using water treatment, the pipeline can be cleaned by automatic cleaning machinery on time, which can save electricity and improve the actual cooling effect of industrial chiller.

Adjusting the effective operating load of industrial chiller

Under the condition of ensuring the safe operation of the chiller, the main generator set operates at 70% -80% load than when it is operated at the load, and the power of the enterprise’s cooling capacity is smaller. The application of this method to start must fully consider the operating conditions of the centrifugal pump and the closed cooling tower.

Third, reduce the cold doubt temperature of industrial chiller

Reduce cold doubt temperature Considering the safety of machinery and equipment and manufacturing requirements, increase the volatility temperature and reduce cold doubt temperature as much as possible. Therefore, the upgrading of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower is added to ensure the cooling circulating water efficiency.

Industrial chiller is very energy-saving, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The key of all machinery and equipment is to select several small output power refrigeration compressors in series application. At a certain level, the opening and closing opportunities of their machinery and equipment have little impact on their power grid. Along with the change of load, the generator sets the total number of automatic start-ups to ensure that the opened refrigeration compressor is in a good working attitude, thereby saving electromagnetic energy reasonably.

The industrial chiller has a long service life. The coolers and air-conditioning evaporators of its machinery and equipment are very effective in the whole process of designing and designing, and will be placed on top of the refrigeration compressor. During the entire process of operation, its extremely large Most grease stays in the refrigeration compressor from beginning to end, so that it can ensure excellent lubrication of the refrigeration compressor. The industrial chiller must reasonably ensure the clean-up of the surrounding environment of its water-cooled chiller generator set under the condition of maintenance. At a certain level, it is necessary to check whether the installed equipment and its monitoring center function abnormally. Whether the controllers and relays are running normally, whether the operation of the refrigeration compressor is excellent, etc.

The above is Xiaobian’s introduction to the energy-saving tips of industrial chiller. If you don’t understand anything, I will answer it at any time!

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