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Three Common Failures Of Air Cooled Screw Chiller

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Three Common Failures Of Air Cooled Screw Chiller

We often hear about kinds of water chillers, such as air cooled screw chiller. Today we are going to talk about three kinds of common failure of air cooled screw chiller.  I hope it can help you!

1. Communication Failure:

Computer controller controls various modules by telecommunication lines and total interface board, so the main cause of communication failure is poor contact or break of communication lines, especially the interface oxidation and damp of the interface.  Also, the failure of unit electronic board or total interface board, incorrect choice of address dial code switch and power failure can cause the communication failure.

2. Low Voltage Failure:

The low suction pressure of the compressor results in low pressure protection relay action. The suction pressure of the compressor reflects the evaporation pressure, whose the normal value should be 0.4~ 0.6mpa, and the protection value is set to 0.2mpa. Low suction pressure causes low return air volume and insufficient cooling capacity, resulting in waste of electrical energy and the heat dissipation of the motor of gas cooled compressor which is easy to damage the motor.

3. High Voltage Failure:

High exhaust pressure of compressor results in high voltage protection relay action. The compressor exhaust pressure reflects condensation pressure whose normal value should be 1.4~ 1.6mpa, and the protection value is set to 2.0mpa. If the pressure is too high for a long time, it will cause too large of the current of compressor, which is easy to burn the motor and damage the compressor exhaust valve disc.

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