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Where are the applications of the CO2 supercritical extraction cryogenic refrigeration unit?

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With the continuous development of co2 supercritical extraction technology, co2 supercritical extraction cryogenic refrigeration devices have attracted the attention of many industries due to their own characteristics, and have been widely used in various chemical reactions.

1. Catalytic reaction: The use of supercritical CO2 fluid as the solvent in the enzyme-catalyzed reaction can promote the enzyme-catalyzed reaction. The activity and stability of many enzymes are very good. The reaction rate is doubled compared to conventional reactions. It is insoluble in CO2 and easy to separate and recover from enzymes.

2. Hydrogenation reaction: The hydrogenation reaction under supercritical conditions mainly refers to the hydrogenation reaction of CO2 and CO. Supercritical fluid has both value as a reaction medium and reactant.

3. Oxidation reaction: The oxidation under the conditions of co2 supercritical extraction cryogenic refrigeration device mainly refers to the oxidation reaction that occurs in supercritical water. The reaction utilizes the strong solubility of supercritical water to oxygen and organic matter, so that the reaction proceeds under homogeneous conditions, so that the organic matter is oxidized to water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc. in a short time. Therefore, most of the early studies on this kind were used to Treatment of organic wastewater.

4. Polymerization: The application of CO2 supercritical extraction cryogenic refrigeration equipment in the field of materials is mainly focused on the preparation of fine particles, involving polymer materials and their modifications, inorganic and organic materials, etc., mainly for supercritical fluid solutions. Expansion technique to get ultrafine particles.

In addition, the application of co2 supercritical extraction low-temperature freezing technology in the cleaning of instruments, paint spraying and printing and dyeing industries has been gradually strengthened, which can not only improve the quality of precision instrument cleaning, paint spraying, textile printing and dyeing industries, but also to a certain extent Reduce pollution by organic solvents.

With the development of science and technology, co2 supercritical extraction technology has also been continuously improved and developed, and low-temperature freezing devices have also been practically used in several aspects mentioned in the article.

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