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How do isolated heating refrigeration circulators deal with inefficiencies?

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Heat dissipation is a common problem that causes inefficiencies in isolated heating refrigeration circulators, and it is also a problem that can easily occur. Many isolated heating and refrigeration circulators will have similar problems, so how to deal with such problems.

1. Due to the complex structure of the isolated heating and refrigeration circulator, and each type of equipment may have different principles and operating modes, once a problem occurs, such as the shutdown of an air-cooled electronic fan, heat dissipation problems will occur randomly, or water-cooled cooling. The cold water system of the tower is not smooth, and there will be heat dissipation problems.

2. The heating device jacket and coil (inner coil and outer coil) of the isolated heating refrigeration circulator are all indirectly heated, that is, the cold and hot medium is passed into the jacket and the coil to heat up or cool down. , according to the required production process, set the upper limit of the required working temperature of the reactor.

3. It is not used in accordance with the use requirements of the isolated heating and refrigeration circulator, there is a fixed input voltage and the use requirements of related equipment, and it is not used in accordance with the use requirements of the equipment, such as the voltage is too high or too low, and the condenser and the condenser are not cleaned on time according to the use requirements. Relevant components, failure to increase the refrigerant according to the usage, etc., will reduce the working efficiency of the isolated heating refrigeration circulator.

4. When the temperature is lower than a certain temperature, it will automatically heat up, and if it is higher than a certain temperature, the heating will be stopped, and the power will be automatically cut off and no longer heated, so as to maintain the continuity of the working temperature and time in the kettle. The production process is determined, and attention should be paid when configuring.

There is still a problem that cannot be solved, that is, the failure or damage of components: if you check according to the basic maintenance method, you still cannot find the cause, you can communicate with the manufacturer of the isolation heating and refrigeration circulator, and the quality of after-sales service is also a measure of the relevant equipment manufacturers. sufficient reason for suitability.

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