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Performance description of recirculating chiller for bioreactor

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The recirculating chiller is suitable for
the high and low temperature reaction of various stainless steel, enamel,
titanium alloy reactors, emulsifiers, injection molding machines, mixing
vessels and various bioreactors. Other bioreactors in different industries are
special recirculating chillers. , Wuxi Guanya LNEYA adopts a fully enclosed
pipeline design, which can achieve higher efficiency in terms of operating

1. Fully enclosed system

During the operation of the special
recirculating chiller for bioreactor, only the heat transfer medium
participates in the circulation, and the temperature of the expansion tank is
always maintained at room temperature 60
, which avoids the
problems caused by the air entering the circulation system.

2. High temperature cooling

The compressor can be directly used for
refrigeration at high temperatures (using the single-machine self-cascade
refrigeration technology), and it can be used for high-temperature exothermic
reactions, such as 200
, without changing the medium, only the compressor can control the
temperature and take away excess heat. .

3. Wide temperature range

The special recirculating chiller for
bioreactors can achieve system temperature control in a wide range of -120
~300 with a
single heat transfer medium. However, a single compressor refrigeration
technology can reach a low -150
°C, and is smaller in size and easier to lift.

4. Dynamic temperature control technology

The temperature measurement points at the
liquid inlet and outlet and the material will transmit temperature information
in real time. When the temperature difference is large, the control system will
immediately issue an exothermic and endothermic reaction to control the
temperature of the heat transfer medium within

5. Pipeline circulation system

Pipeline heaters and plate heat exchangers
increase the power density ratio, reduce the amount of heat transfer medium
used, and improve the response speed of the system’s temperature control.

6. Heating protection

After the control protection of the
controller body fails, if the temperature exceeds the temperature value set by
the deviation protector in the system, the power supply of the solid state
relay will be cut off, and the independent temperature limiter will play its
role after the protector fails. With this triple protection, there will be no
high temperature overshoot.

The quality of equipment manufactured by
different recirculating chiller manufacturers is different, and everyone needs
to be aware of this.

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