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How to use the reactor thermostat?

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The reactor thermostat is generally heated by a resistance wire, cooled by a compressor, and is supplemented with a PID controller to maintain a relatively standard temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of the experiment. The shell is made of metal plate, and the control box is directly installed on the water tank. There are two water inlets and outlets for the condensate pipe next to it, and the water pump is used as the circulating power in the water tank, which solves the problem of uneven warm water and makes the temperature control accuracy of the reactor thermostat and the water uniformity meet higher requirements.

If you are using the reactor thermostat once, you must read the instructions and related materials in detail before using it, and earnestly grasp its structural principles, performance indicators, operating procedures, maintenance and related precautions. Before using the reactor thermostat, you must carefully check whether the connection between the equipment and the external wiring (components) are correct and normal, check whether the power plug is correctly inserted, whether the voltage, frequency, and indicator meet the requirements of the instrument, and check whether the equipment is in a normal state. The liquid medium must be added to the reactor thermostat before use, otherwise the heater will be damaged when it is energized. The liquid level of the medium should be lower than about the worktable.

After the refrigeration switch of the reactor thermostat is turned off, the refrigeration switch should be turned on again at an interval of 10-20 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature). In the event of water, electricity, or gas supply failure or interruption during the experiment, the relevant switches that affect the thermostat equipment of the reactor should be turned off immediately, and protective measures should be implemented. The thermostat equipment of the reactor should be placed in a dry and ventilated place with no obstacles within 300mm around the instrument. When the working temperature of the reactor thermostat is low, care should be taken not to enter the tank to prevent frostbite. After use, all switches are turned off and the power is cut off. The reactor thermostat should be cleaned regularly to keep the work surface and operation panel tidy.

The maintenance and maintenance of the reactor thermostat is the basic requirement for a good thermostat test. Doing a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the reactor thermostat is related to the intact rate, the utilization rate and the opening rate of the experimental teaching of the reactor thermostat. Experiment success rate. Therefore, as a member of the laboratory, you should understand the general knowledge of the maintenance and maintenance of the reactor thermostat, and master the basic skills of maintenance and maintenance.

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