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Model and size selection of cooling and heating circulator (pilot plant temperature control system)

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The cooling and heating circulator adopts mechanical refrigeration, the low-temperature heating tube heats the high temperature, and the canned pump is used as the circulating pump. The liquid circulation of the whole system is closed and consists of two systems, each of which controls the corresponding system, and passes the heat transfer oil according to the process requirements. The cycle automatically adjusts heating or cooling.

1. The cooling and heating circulator consists of a pump, heating pipe, cooling heat exchanger, refrigeration system, temperature control system, pipes and racks. The heat transfer oil flows between the heat medium pipeline of the unit and the jacket or coil of the reactor. The circulating pump, the heat transfer oil pipeline, the heating device and the cooling device constitute the basic circuit of the heat medium.

2. After the reaction of the cooling and heating circulator is completed, the temperature in the reactor is first lowered to room temperature. In the one-step chemical process, the existing heating system of the reactor is relatively simple, and the process of reducing the temperature in the reactor to room temperature requires a lot of time. For a long time, and the thermal energy cannot be used reasonably, resulting in a waste of some resources.

3. There are certain differences in the size of the cooling and heating circulator, which can be customized according to user requirements, as well as customized isolation explosion-proof and various optional functions. Generally speaking, the size of each model is different, and users can put forward their own size requirements and customize them when communicating.

4. Compressor refrigeration (single-machine self-cascading refrigeration technology), fully enclosed system, no oil mist at high temperature, no moisture absorption in the air at low temperature, the system will not increase the pressure due to high temperature during operation, and low temperature automatically supplements heat conduction medium.

5. Mainly used in combination with the reaction kettle, it can provide a circulation device with heat source and cold source, with a wide range of work, used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, biological and other industries.

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