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How to judge the operating status of the chemical and pharmaceutical constant temperature control sy

Nowadays, many pharmaceutical and chemical industries use LNEYA's constant temperature control system. How to judge its operation status during operation?

There should be no noise in the cylinder of the chemical and pharmaceutical thermostatic control system, only the normal and regular sound of the inhalation valve. The condenser cooling water should be sufficient, the water pressure should be above 0.12MPA, and the water temperature should not be too high. There should be no foot heating and frosting on the cylinder wall, and the surface temperature difference should not exceed 15-20 degrees. For refrigerated or low-temperature systems, frosting on the suction pipe can generally reach the suction port; for high-temperature conditions, the suction pipe should not be condensed Frost, condensation is normal.

Chemical and pharmaceutical constant temperature control system Crankcase oil temperature small constant temperature control system does not exceed 70 degrees and not less than 10 degrees. The lubricating oil may have foam, and the exhaust temperature should not be too high. Too high and close to the flash point of domestic refrigeration oil will be detrimental to the equipment. The condensing pressure is not easy to be too high, and the construction capacity of the condensing pressure cold storage is affected by the water source, condensing method and refrigerant. The oil level of the crankcase shall not be lower than 1/2 of the horizontal centerline of the sight glass.

Chemical and pharmaceutical thermostatic control system. The hand-touched horizontal accumulator and oil separator should be cool in the upper part and lower part, and the liquid or oil level at the junction of cold and hot. The safety valve or bypass valve should be cool at the low pressure end, otherwise the high and low pressure series gas. During operation, the evaporating pressure and the suction pressure should be similar, and the exhaust pressure and condensing pressure should be similar to the accumulator pressure.

There should be a temperature difference between the cooling water in and out of the chemical and pharmaceutical constant temperature control system. If there is no or very slight temperature difference, it means that the heat exchanger is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The system should be sealed, and no refrigerant or lubricating oil should be leaked. The shaft seal of the fluorine small constant temperature control system should not drip oil. The temperature of the shaft seal and bearing of the constant temperature control system for chemical and pharmaceutical industries does not exceed 70 degrees. The valve body of the expansion valve is evenly frosted or condensed, but there should be no thick frosting at the inlet. When the fluid passes through the expansion valve, only a dull, small sound can be heard. The pointers of the pressure gauges in the system should be relatively stable and the temperature indication should be correct.

The above conditions related to the chemical and pharmaceutical thermostatic control system can be used to judge the operation status. It is recommended that the operator observe more to determine the faulty sound in time and solve it effectively.
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