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Details of the temperature control system of the isolated reactor

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The temperature control system of the isolated reactor adopts the heat-conducting medium to perform dynamic temperature control of fluid cooling and heating, and to control the cooling and heating of the heat-conducting medium or the reaction material. If the material is controlled at high temperature and low temperature, it is necessary to pay attention when purchasing the temperature control system for the isolated reactor. What details and parameters?

1. The temperature range of the isolation reactor temperature control system is classified into many categories, and it is particularly important to purchase suitable equipment. It is widely used in production and experimental equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. In the production process, there are many factors that affect product quality. Among them, the reaction The temperature control of the kettle is the key to many processes. The PID algorithm temperature control system involves the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries as well as various reactor temperature control systems.

2. When we purchase, we need to know the low temperature used for the production of the product and the required capacity. These two values are also important factors affecting the price of the temperature control system of the isolation reactor. Prevent the purchased equipment from being unable to reach the operating temperature, or the waste of resources caused by excessive power supply.

3. The power that affects the temperature control system of the isolated reactor includes the heat dissipation and refrigeration of the power supply, as well as the power of the water pump. Among them, the power of the pump is often easy to ignore, but this is exactly what cannot be ignored. If the power of the pump is too small and the flow is insufficient, it will not meet the needs of the production process. If the power of the pump is too large, it will cause energy loss and increase the cost of use.

4. After determining all the required parameters, we have to choose the manufacturer. The price is only a unilateral factor, and we can’t blindly try to be cheap.

5. After-sales service of the temperature control system of the isolated reactor: If the service period is not high, you can choose equipment with lower prices; but if you are thinking in the long run, you still need to integrate experiments and require a more effective cost budget.

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