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What should you pay attention to when using the cooling and heating oil bath?

In the high and low temperature control, cooling and heating oil bath is one of the more important equipment. What aspects do users need to pay attention to when running the device?

The cooling and heating oil bath equipment should be kept clean and dry. It is strictly forbidden to heat the solution in the stainless steel pot without burning the heater to avoid burning the heater. If the measured temperature differs greatly from the actual temperature, it is usually obtained with the wrong sensor. Place the sensor in boiling water and the meter should display 100 °C. Otherwise check that the sensor is consistent with the meter input type.

The cooling and heating oil bath meter indicates that the HHH is the measured value that is outside the meter range or the thermocouple is broken. It indicates that the LLL is the measured value lower than the lower limit of the meter range or the thermocouple is reversed. The instrument of the cooling and heating oil bath shows normal, the temperature suddenly loses control, and the external load should be checked for short circuit or open circuit.

When the cooling and heating oil bath is not working, the power should be cut off. To ensure safety, please connect the ground wire during use. The electric power and the heat taken away from the load by the refrigerant need to be removed from the radiator at the front hood. The front hood is filled with dust and cotton wool, which will prevent the heat from being dissipated and the cooling effect will be greatly reduced. Generally, the decrease in cooling capacity under normal use conditions is caused by poor ventilation or high ambient temperature.

When the cooling and heating oil bath is in operation, it is necessary to understand these points of use and then operate better.
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