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The Mid-Autumn Festival Appreciation Dinner ended successfully

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The autumn wind is refreshing, and the Mid-Autumn Moon is rounder. At the juncture of time, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is about to usher in. In this beautiful festival, Wuxi Guanya is full of love and the Mid-Autumn Festival Appreciation Dinner is coming as scheduled.

Unforgettable wonderful singing and dancing, unforgettable short and happy time, and even more unforgettable hard work and hard work in the gentle years, a reunion dinner, wishing for happiness, all colleagues gathered together, and continued to write more exciting things for the company with hard work and struggle .

Up and down together, create the future, win-win together, steady and long-term progress, behind the success is the glory of working together, and also the sincerity of companionship along the way. In this special year of 2022, Wuxi Guanya is grateful to everyone Colleagues hand in hand.

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