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LNEYA took the lead in enabling online live audits

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Good products come from a strict manufacturing process. In March 2020, LNEYA took the lead in adopting the methods of cloud supervision and factory inspection, focusing on the display of LNEYA refrigeration heating temperature control device, TCU temperature control unit, ultra-low temperature freezer and other equipment production lines. The live broadcast method allows customers to “cloud supervisors” to gain a deeper understanding of the strict procedures of the “transparent” production line operation. This not only allows everyone to gain insights and feel the power of Chinese manufacturing, but also a mechanical equipment production factory’s confidence in its own process management and process quality.

In order to cooperate with this live broadcast, 7 large video windows monitored in the factory area were selected for carousel. Each window was set with a residence time of 20 seconds, which was convenient for all customers to watch. The five major areas were displayed separately: debugging workshop, brazing workshop, sheet metal workshop , Test area, finished product warehouse. Click on the official website about us: cloud inspection, enter the live page, you can also watch on the mobile phone.

Through cloud supervision and factory inspection, customers can witness LNEYA “transparent factory”-the strict process of production line operation, understand the craftsmanship of source control of high-quality products, in-depth understanding of the quality control of the production process, and let everyone know LNEYA In a special period, with higher requirements on production lines and quality control, we can intuitively understand the actual production progress of the equipment and the actual scale of the factory.

We believe that this time, LNEYA’s “transparent factory” cloud supervisor not only shows the outside world the hard power in production, but also becomes a new platform for communicating with customers. It allows our customers to understand intuitively in a more convenient way. Enterprises, understand the products, and this transparent live broadcast without filters can also trust the quality of LNEYA equipment.

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