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Low temperature heating control chip and other detection methods

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With the research and development of chip technology, chip detection technology is also maturing. LNEYA’s low-temperature heating control chip technology is applied in chip detection. In addition to this type of detection technology, there are other chip detection methods for everyone to choose and operate.

Integrated semiconductor fluorescence test

At present, due to the difficulty in the manufacturing process of the vertical cavity surface emitting laser in the visible light band, the application of the method is limited, and it is mainly used in the research of fluorescent fuel in the near-infrared band as a marker.

Biochip test method based on binary optics

The research of binary optics has achieved rapid development and progress in recent years and has been widely used. Binary optics have many good functions for implementing lightwave transformations, which are difficult to achieve with conventional optical components. The high diffraction efficiency of binary optical elements has a higher degree of design freedom than conventional optical elements, as well as many special optical functions. Moreover, the development of this technology advantageously promotes miniaturization, arraying and integration of optical systems. In recent years, with the continuous advancement and maturity of the processing technology, its advantages have become more apparent in front of people, and the application field has been expanding, which has revolutionized academia in the academic and industrial circles.

The development of binary optics provides a new way of thinking for biochip testing technology. In the conventional confocal detection method, binary optical elements can be used to generate an array light source with a light intensity distribution, thereby realizing parallel detection of fluorescent dots and significantly increasing the speed of chip detection.

Detection using an ellipsometer

Measuring the optical constant of a substance using an ellipsometer is a classic method. After the linearly polarized light is incident on the medium, the amplitude reflection coefficients of the p and s components of the reflected light are r(~)p and r(~)s, respectively, which are complex numbers related to the reflection characteristics of the substance, and thus can be reflected The optical properties of the substance. This method can also be applied to the testing of biochips, mainly for protein chips. The optical properties of the samples are determined by this method, and then the nature and extent of the biological reactions occurring therein can be estimated. The ellipsometer with adjustable polarization direction is used for the analysis of multi-layer samples, and the thickness and concentration information of the sample can be obtained, so that the bioreaction results can be tested accurately.

With the development of the chip industry and its continuous application in various industries, LNEYA low-temperature heating control chip technology has also been favored by users, keeping up with the development trend of chips.

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