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How to install -60°C cryogenic chiller manufacturers equipment

-60 cryogenic chiller manufacturers are used in the refrigeration and chemical industry, so what issues should be paid attention to during installation? LNEYA professional manufacturers tell you that you should install according to the instruction manual.


For the -60cryogenic chiller compressor (unit) that has been tested at the factory and is protected by rust-proof seals and has good pre-installation protection measures, it can be directly installed, the protection measures are invalid, or the compressor (unit) has obvious defects. Check it and install it after confirming that it meets the factory manufacturer's factory standards.


-60 cryogenic chiller compressor (unit) should check the position of the foundation and anchor bolt holes before it is in place, it should meet the requirements of the design documents; it should be installed in the foundation and bracket according to the connection method required by the design and equipment technical documents. Welding shall not be used on hangers and on the design and equipment technical documentation. The installation should meet the requirements of the equipment technical documents. When leveling is required, the horn should be used. The installation should keep the body stable and should not exceed the inclination angle of the technical documentation of the equipment. Do not invert.


-60 cryogenic chiller compressor (unit) manufacturer to ensure that the compressor does not corrode after leaving the factory and before use, no impurities, more inert gas for sealing treatment, so as long as the seal is intact, no obvious defects can be directly installation. For small, lightweight-50-degree cryogenic unit compressors (units), manual handling can be carried out during the installation process. Due to exceeding the limit angle or inversion, internal irreparable damage may occur, so standard handling is required. Refrigeration auxiliary equipment such as intercooler, gas-liquid separator, oil separator, liquid receiver, low-pressure circulating reservoir, oil collector, chiller, condenser, etc. in the refrigeration system shall be installed in accordance with current standards.


-60 cryogenic chiller manufacturers Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) will be arranged at the factory, the corresponding instructions to follow the equipment, the user can install according to the instructions.

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