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Close contact between new energy vehicles and LNEYA battery test temperature control units

Based on the current situation of energy issues and the booming development of the automotive industry, new energy vehicles are as timely as the modern automotive industry. The battery part of the new energy vehicle plays a decisive role in the performance of the new energy vehicle. Therefore, the LNEYA battery test temperature control unit can effectively improve the performance of new energy vehicles and the satisfaction of users.

For new energy vehicle battery testing, battery safety and stability are especially important, working with batteries to ensure safety. Therefore, it is necessary to test the battery of the new energy vehicle in various environments to ensure its normal and stable operation, and thus the vehicle operation reaches a certain safety and actual driving requirements.

In the process of R&D, LNEYA battery test temperature control unit gathers its own advantages in the field of refrigeration and heating temperature control, and cooperates with the division of labor to study the temperature control equipment that meets the test of new energy vehicle battery motor. After the hard work of all the researchers, LNEYA launched a new energy battery/motor temperature control system in 2014, which is highly anticipated by the market, greatly improving the efficiency of testing, saving economic benefits for the new energy automobile industry, and re-upgrading in 2016. The new energy battery/motor temperature control system adds a solid foundation. With the second generation of new products being well received by the market, the third generation of new energy battery/motor temperature control system in 2018 is also in the process of R&D, test and production.

The production and sales of battery test temperature control units have broken through the key technical bottlenecks in the production and testing of new energy vehicle battery systems, and have gained the right to speak for LNEYA in the key manufacturing technology field of power battery systems. Many companies in the industry visited and visited to discuss technology transfer and expand the influence of the industry.

LNEYA battery test temperature control unit in the process of testing the new energy vehicle power battery system, combined with the use of the car battery system, the detection program is perfected. At the same time, the LNEYA battery test temperature control unit improves the overall quality of the battery system detection work by improving the detection methods such as battery template detection, battery core detection and test experiments, and improves the operation effect of the energy vehicle power battery system and promotes the automobile industry. Green development.

Therefore, we can see that the development of the LNEYA battery test temperature control unit is also quite promising.
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