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What is the lack of oil in the 120-degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator?

The compressor of the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator is a complex component that runs at high speed. In order to ensure sufficient lubrication of the moving parts of the compressor crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods, pistons, etc., it is the basic requirement for maintaining the normal operation of the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator. Therefore, Wuxi Yuze suggested that the 120-degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator manufacturer requires the use of designated grade lubricants. Due to the negligence of the operation, construction and maintenance of the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator refrigeration system, the compressor lacks oil, oil coking deterioration, liquid dilution, Refrigerant flushing, inferior lubricating oil, etc., cause insufficient lubrication of moving parts.

At the same time, the insufficient lubrication of the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator will cause the bearing surface to be worn or scratched. In severe cases, the axle and the piston will be caught in the cylinder and the connecting rod will be bent and broken. -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator lack of oil is one of the easily recognized compressor failures. When the compressor is short of oil, there is little or no oil in the crankcase. The lubricant that exits the compressor does not come back, and the compressor will be short of oil. There are two ways to return oil to the compressor. One is the oil separator returning oil, and the other is the return air return oil.

The wear caused by the lack of oil in the compressor is generally uniform. If the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator has little or no oil, the bearing surface will be severely rubbed and the temperature will rise rapidly within a few seconds. If the power of the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator motor is large enough, the crankshaft will continue to rotate, and the crankshaft and bearing surface will be worn or scratched, otherwise the crankshaft will be locked by the bearing and stop rotating. The reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder is also the same. The lack of oil can cause wear or scratches. In severe cases, the piston can get stuck in the cylinder and cannot move.

In fact, the direct cause of wear is insufficient lubrication. The lack of oil in the -120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator will definitely cause insufficient lubrication, but the lack of oil is not necessarily caused by lack of oil. The following three reasons can also cause insufficient lubrication: the lubricating oil can not reach the bearing surface; although the lubricating oil has reached the bearing surface, the viscosity is too small to form an oil film of sufficient thickness; although the lubricating oil has reached the bearing surface, it is decomposed due to overheating. Lost, can not play a role in lubrication.

-120 degree ultra-low temperature refrigerator lack of oil needs to replace the compressor components in time to solve, in the case of similar failures can not be slack.

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