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Temperature sensor for ultra-low temperature refrigerator

Ultra-low temperature refrigerators are used in refrigeration equipment. They are generally used in refrigeration equipment below -60 ° C. They are used under some special conditions under low temperature conditions. Temperature control is very important.

Ultra-low temperature refrigerators are generally used to preserve plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, electronic devices, and low temperature tests of special materials. In the ultra-low temperature refrigerator, the temperature sensor is the core part of measuring temperature, and its kind is more. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into two types: contact type and non-contact type. According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components, it is divided into thermal resistance and Two types of thermocouples.
Bimetal sensor

A bimetal refers to two pieces of metal with different coefficients of expansion, which follow a change in temperature, a bend higher than the temperature of the other to cause a signal to output.

Bimetallic rod and metal tube sensor

With the increase of temperature, the length of the metal pipe increases, and the length of the non-expanded steel pipe does not increase. Due to the change of position, the expansion of the metal pipe can be transmitted, and conversely, it can be converted into an output signal.

Sensor for designing deformation curves of liquids and gases

When changing the temperature, liquids and gases can produce corresponding changes. The ultra-low temperature refrigerator Xiaobian tells everyone that it can convert this expansion change into position change and then output.

Resistance sensing sensor

When the metal changes, the resistance will change accordingly, but the resistance value produced by different temperatures is also different. At this time, the resistance value is your output signal.

Thermocouple sensing sensor

Thermocouples with different materials use different temperature ranges, and the corresponding sensitivity is different.

After reading this, I think everyone can see that the temperature sensor of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator is quite complicated, so everyone must buy a manufacturer with reliable quality and after-sales guarantee when purchasing.
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