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Practical application of different compressors in the industrial chiller industry

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In the current refrigeration industry, the efficiency of the equipment is closely related to temperature. LNEYA tells you that the efficiency of the refrigeration equipment required under control has been improved. Then, the selection of the compressor is very important in different situations.

Classification of chiller compressors:

Screw chiller compressors are all volumetric refrigeration compressors, which can be divided into reciprocating compressors and rotary compressors. The reciprocating compressor uses a piston, a crank, a link mechanism or a piston, a crank, and a slide tube mechanism, and the rotary compressor uses a shaft crank mechanism.

Industrial chillers can be divided into low-temperature, medium-low temperature and ultra-low temperature compressors according to the scope of application.

Low-temperature compressor (evaporation temperature -35 ~ -15 ° C), generally used in food freezer and so on.

Medium and low temperature compressor (evaporation temperature -20 ~ 0 ° C), generally used in refrigerators and so on.

Ultra-low temperature compressor (evaporation temperature -5 to 15 °C), generally used in dehumidifiers, heat pumps, etc.

Application of chiller compressor:

Piston compressors are qualified for a long time and are used in many places such as cold storage.

Rotary compressors are mainly used in refrigeration units as well.

Scroll compressors are mainly used in low temperature equipment and refrigeration units.

Screw compressors are mainly used for cooling capacity, and are used in cold storage and chillers.

Centrifugal compressors have a higher cooling capacity. Generally used in chillers.

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