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Industrial Refrigerators

Refrigerator Freezer is composed of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter drier, expansion throttling valve of the five most series, note the amount of refrigerant inside (refrigerant), the electrical appliances (including controller) according to the requirement of the environment and control the operation of the compressor to achieve the purpose of heat transfer and refrigeration.

Mainly used in industrial cold treatment, the uniform, fine and dispersed carbides produced on the metal structure matrix structure are precipitated. The appearance of such carbides will result in a significant increase in the wear resistance and friction properties of the metal, an increase in hardness, and will directly increase the life of the wear parts. The ideal product to replace liquid nitrogen.

Used for shrinkage of copper sleeves, bearings, etc., widely used in precision mechanical assembly. Applied to ultra-low temperature testing of large equipment.

Instructions to Use Industrial Cryogenic Refrigerator

With the progress of the society, the industry has also been developed rapidly. Today, we will discuss the use of the industrial refrigerator.

1. Always check the sealing strip of the outer door.

2. Place it firmly and horizontally on the ground when carrying.

3. Clean the filter once a month (use a vacuum cleaner to suck, rinse it with water, finally dry and reset the filter), and suck the dust on the internal condenser with a vacuum cleaner in every two months.

4. When defrosting, you should cut off the power and open the door. When the ice and cream begin to melt, put in each layer of the refrigerator clean and bibulous cloth.

5. Clean it every month to make sure it is clean.

6. Remove the small amount of the dustin the fridge on the internal and external and accessories with dry cloth. If the fridge is too dirty, use neutral detergent and wash thoroughly with clean water after washing. Do not rinse the inside and upside of the refrigerator with water, otherwise, it will damage the insulation and cause failure.

7. Don't put the lubricating oil to the compressor and other mechanical parts.

8. Take care when cleaning the fans in the back of the compressor.

9. The maintenance and maintenance of cryogenic refrigerator is particularly important to extend the life and the normal use. If the temperature control is not accurate, it often leads to damage the saved objects which will cause great influence to the experimental results, thus affecting the normal work.
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