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Liquid Cooling Chiller(Charging Pile)

CHDYL -45℃~55℃

Outdoor air-cooled & Liquid chiller for charging gun
  • Cooling power4KW
  • Temperture accuracy±1℃
  • Control SystemPLC
  • Power rangeDC1050V-625V

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Parameters Detail




Cooling Power


Temp control accuracy

±1℃  Real-time temperature record


Brine circulation system fully enclosed design


1.8~5.5L/min Pressure 0.7bar

Minimum water inlet temperature

15°C (can be customized according to the charging pile system)

System pressure sensor detection

Liquid outlet pressure, liquid inlet pressure, refrigeration system high and low pressure

Temperature sensor detection

Liquid outlet temperature, liquid inlet temperature, refrigeration system exhaust and suction temperature, condensation temperature

Expansion tank level

Liquid level sensor real-time monitoring

System energy consumption display

The system has real-time energy consumption and cycle cumulative energy consumption display


Hermetic compressor (1 set)



Condensing air cooling

1800m³/h(100Pa Wind pressure)


Microchannel heat exchanger


Plate heat exchanger

Refrigeration throttling

Electronic expansion valve

Low Voltage Electrical



7 inch color touch screen

Control system




Internet of things

Real-time operation and maintenance management of equipment through the Internet of Things platform

Ambient operating temperature range


Safety protection

With self-diagnosis function, phase sequence and phase failure protection, safety voltage protection, abnormal flow protection, high and low pressure protection of refrigeration system, exhaust and suction temperature protection, high and low liquid level protection, abnormal circulation pipeline pressure protection



Equipment shell material

Cold-rolled plate spray REL7035

Equipment size mm


Advantage Characteristics:

● Implement incredible efficiency in high -density environments ● Strictly abide by the compatibility of liquid materials, protect the secondary liquid network to adapt to any facility design and multiple cooling configurations

● Stable design, one-to-one-the redundant options used

● The newly designed integrated controller is easy to deploy and support leakage detection ●-integrated design to save on-site installation and debugging costs

● High energy compressor, efficient energy saving

● Real -time intelligent speed adjustment of the fan, matching the heat load

● Select the RS485 interface to achieve remote settings and monitoring functions

● Have the function of calling for self -starting, and provide a variety of alarms and protection functions environmental protection and high -efficiency R134A refrigerant to meet the requirements of ROHS

● High reliability, uninterrupted at 365 days

● Small size and compact structure

The effect of high temperature on the battery

Research data shows that when the temperature is higher than 45 degrees, the cycle life of the battery is significantly reduced, and safety accidents are prone to occur; the experiment further proves that when the lithium iron phosphate battery is raised to 40°C, the battery capacity retention rate will increase by 20°C each time. 10% reduction.

In order to ensure the working temperature of the battery, the most popular cooling solutions are air cooling and liquid cooling.

The effect of low temperature on the battery

The impact of low temperature on the battery is also obvious. For example, the cruising range of electric vehicles in winter is significantly reduced. Because low temperature will reduce the activity of the internal substances of the battery, the charging and discharging power and capacity of the battery will be significantly reduced. At the same time, low temperature will cause the battery to fail to charge, or even damage the battery. If high-power charging is carried out at low temperature, it may cause short circuit, fire and explosion..

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