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LNEYA: Focus on temperature control TCU to build international advanced Chinese instruments

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Wide temperature range:

LNEYA’s Chinese and production-grade multi-reactor refrigeration heating temperature control system (temperature control unit TCU) temperature range from -25 ° C to 200 ° C, of course, you can also customize other temperature ranges, but the main attention: temperature range (-50 ° C Up to 250 ° C). The temperature control unit TCU can control 2 to 20 reactors in a centralized manner. Each reactor can independently set the material temperature and jacket temperature to realize one heating heat exchanger and multiple coolant control heat exchanger units. Reactor target temperature.

High efficiency:

The temperature control unit TCU utilizes high-temperature flexible cooling technology, which can be cooled into the cooling water process from a high temperature of 250 degrees. There is no water vapor generation, the temperature rise of the water temperature is controlled within 40 degrees, and the risk of scaling of the heat exchanger is reduced. Stability and repeatability results greatly improve the stability of the production product.

High security:

LNEYA has considered safety issues at the beginning of the development of temperature control unit TCU. Chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries are different from other common industries, especially for safety. Therefore, LNEYA’s temperature control unit TCU has self-diagnosis function, overload relay and thermal protection device. , sensor fault protection, phase sequence phase failure protector, leakage protector and other safety fault functions, once there is improper operation, the system will automatically alarm, so that everyone is safer to use. In addition, for special materials, you can customize the explosion-proof temperature control unit TCU, so that everyone can use more peace of mind and peace of mind.


Considering the environmental factors in recent years, LNEYA not only uses environmentally friendly refrigerants, but also uses TCU with more energy-saving control. It uses an algorithm to control the conduction angle of the freezing medium and heating medium into the reactor fluid valve, and controls the flow into the reactor. The flow of the jacketed cooling heating fluid. In this way, when the temperature is lowered from high temperature to low temperature, it has nothing to do with heating the host, but the temperature of the heat transfer medium of the jacket is reduced.

LNEYA has been developing in the refrigeration and heating temperature control industry for more than ten years. From the beginning of the single to the present, we are constantly researching new products every year. We have been striving to build advanced Chinese scientific instrument manufacturers. At the beginning of 2018, looking forward to the future, LNEYA can bring Different refrigeration heating equipment products.

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