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A new starting point for the development of semiconductor test devices

For a long time, due to the rapid development of integrated circuits, the component industry has been hampered by various constraints in materials and processes. Semiconductor and chip production testing is particularly important, so this is a new opportunity for LNEYA semiconductor test devices.

Under the era of rapid development of integrated circuits, it is also calling for the emergence of domestic test equipment. Under such a background, LNEYA semiconductor test devices have been promoted, and have been put into production and sales after a long period of preparation.

LNEYA has broken through the high-density digital module, high-speed high-precision analog signal test instrument, four-quadrant high-precision high-power power supply module and other core test board technology with high difficulty and high market coverage. The comprehensive technical capability of this type of semiconductor test device is close to the mainstream equipment parameters, which greatly narrows the gap between domestic test equipment and international high and low temperature test technology. For many years, the Wuxi Guanya Entrepreneurship Team has been carrying forward the development spirit of “Ten Years of One Sword” that can endure hardships, dedication and perseverance. In accordance with the development ideas of “overseas layout, domestic and partial sets, international operation”, the integrated circuit has been overcome. The key technologies for manufacturing large-scale integrated circuit test equipment for key equipment have solved the problem of “card neck” that restricts the independent and controllable development of high-performance integrated circuit manufacturing equipment in China, and supported the rapid development of large-scale integrated circuits and emerging electronic components industry. The responsibility and responsibility of the big country. LNEYA continues to break through key technologies. As of February 2019, it has realized serialization of product design models and used it in domestic related chip testing production lines.

The large-scale integrated circuit test system is the core equipment that is essential for the upgrading and development of the manufacturing process of the integrated circuit industry. It mainly solves the complex chip design verification, production test and brand equipment replacement. In product development, it strives to reach a new level in one year.

Semiconductor test devices are devices that use high and low temperature temperature control technology to test various components. In the near future, LNEYA will continue to launch a variety of powerful component test systems to promote the effective development of China's integrated circuits.

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