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Throttle component of semiconductor water-cooled temperature control platform

The throttling component of the semiconductor water-cooled temperature control platform is one of the four major components that are indispensable for the refrigeration system. Its function is to reduce the pressure of the high-pressure liquid coming out of the condenser, so that the liquid refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat at low pressure (low temperature). Therefore, it is an important component for maintaining high pressure in the condenser and low pressure in the evaporator. The throttling component can be divided into a capillary tube and a throttle valve according to the form. The former is used in a small refrigeration device, such as a capillary tube installed between the condenser and the evaporator in the semiconductor water-cooling temperature control platform. One. The latter is used in larger refrigeration equipment. The throttling mechanism used in large and medium-sized devices is a throttle valve. There are three commonly used throttle valves, namely, manual expansion valve, float ball regulating valve and thermal expansion valve, and the latter two are automatically adjusted throttle valves for expansion. Valves can be classified into electromagnetic expansion valves and thermal expansion valves according to the type of expansion.

The semiconductor water-cooling temperature control platform uses a thermal expansion valve, which is controlled by four check valves for cooling and heating. It also uses capillary tubes for auxiliary throttling during heating. The circulation of refrigerant in different medium and large units due to refrigeration and heating Large changes require two or more thermal expansion valves to meet the requirements of the working conditions. In the case of large resistance of the liquid pipeline, such as the resistance of the liquid separation head, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the appropriate expansion valve to avoid the shortage of liquid supply. Units with two-way expansion valves simplify the piping and reduce flow resistance. However, when the liquid storage device is installed in the semiconductor water-cooling temperature control platform system, the pipeline direction is difficult. For example, when heating, the high-pressure liquid exits the accumulator into the expansion valve, and during cooling, the throttling gas-liquid mixture enters the accumulator, and it is difficult to ensure that the liquid is dominant when entering the evaporator. To solve this problem, it is necessary to add a check valve and other components to the pipeline, so it is advantageous to use a two-way expansion valve for a system that does not use the accumulator.

The proportion of the throttling component of the semiconductor water-cooling temperature control platform in the design of the semiconductor water-cooling temperature control platform refrigeration heating system is still very large, so the throttling device of the semiconductor water-cooling temperature control platform also needs our attention.

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