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New energy battery test cooling device compressor fault judgment

How to identify the three terminals on the fully enclosed compressor casing of the new energy battery test cooling unit? The resistance between the running end (R), the starting end (S), the common end (C), and the RS is greater than the resistance between the SC and the resistance between the RC. The resistance between RS is equal to the resistance between SC and the resistance between RC. It can be discriminated by the above rule, and it should be noted that the resistance values of the terminals of the three-phase compressor are equal.

How to judge the compressor motor winding open circuit?

1. Adjust the multimeter to 1st gear, then zero, connect the test leads to the terminals of any 2 windings, and measure the resistance value. If the winding value is relatively large, that is, the terminals of the two windings are not guided, the winding can be judged to be open.

If the compressor does not start, you can check whether the compressor overload, pressure switch, and overcurrent protector are tripped or damaged. Check the new energy battery module system to test the temperature sensor and the temperature regulator. In the cooling state, whether it is open or contact. Bad, in the heating state, whether it is short circuit; use a multimeter to check whether the compressor relay is closed; wiring error; compressor open circuit or short circuit; compressor capacitor is bad; AC contactor is bad.

2. Use the multimeter to select the first gear. After zeroing, measure the resistance of the compressor motor winding C-R or C-S. If the resistance of the measured winding is less than the normal value, it can be judged that the winding is short-circuited. For a three-phase motor, two of the three terminal blocks are respectively contacted by two test leads. If the measured resistance values are the same for three times, the windings are good. If the resistance measured twice is large, it indicates that there is a set of windings. Open circuit; if all three tests are large, it indicates that at least two sets of windings are open; if two of the three measurements are significantly less than the other measured, it indicates a short circuit.

3. New energy battery test cooling device The compressor motor is connected to the ground. The insulation of the internal wiring of the winding wire is damaged by the insulation of the compressor casing, forming a short circuit. This failure can cause the fuse to blow and the compressor motor to not operate. To check the method of touching the shell, you can also use the resistance of the multimeter. First adjust the zero, then hold a pen firmly to the common point, and the other pen will tighten the metal part of the compressor process tube, or take a small piece of the outer skin of the outer panel to measure. If the resistance value is small, it can be judged that the winding or the internal wiring is in contact with the ground.

The performance of the compressor of the new energy battery test cooling device is also very important. It is recommended to select the components provided by the brand manufacturer as well.

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