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Maintenance instructions for compressors at minus 85 degrees ultra low temperature freezer

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The compressor in the ultra-low temperature freezer of minus 85 degrees is one of the main components, and its performance is very important, so maintenance is also very important.

For manufacturers of sub-85 degree ultra-low temperature freezer compressor systems, the detection and replacement cycle of compressor refrigeration oil is related to the process control of its production. If the cleanliness control of the evaporator and condenser of the system and the system piping are better, then relatively less pollutants enter the compressor, and the detection and maintenance cycle can be relatively longer.

The acidification of the sub-85 degree ultra-low temperature freezer compressor lubricating oil will directly affect the life of the compressor motor, so it should be checked regularly whether the acidity of the lubricating oil is qualified. Generally, the acidity of the lubricating oil should be replaced if it is lower than PH6. If the acidity cannot be checked, the system’s drying filter should be replaced periodically to keep the system dryness under normal conditions. If the contaminants in the refrigerating oil and the water content exceed a certain value, it is recommended to replace the refrigerating oil.

The lubricating oil in the ultra-low temperature freezer of minus 85 degrees can form a dynamic seal between the screw and the compression chamber and the male and female screws, reducing the leakage of the refrigerant from the high pressure side to the low pressure side during the compression process. The compressed refrigerant is cooled, and the oil is injected into the compressor to absorb the heat generated by the refrigerant gas during the compression process, thereby reducing the exhaust gas temperature. An oil film is formed between the bearing and the screw to support the rotor and to lubricate. The differential pressure force is transmitted, and the capacity adjustment system is driven to adjust the position of the volume adjustment slider through the action of the compressor’s loading and unloading solenoid valve, thereby realizing the compressor capacity adjustment control and reducing the running noise.

The internal lubricating oil of the sub-85 degree ultra-low temperature freezer compressor is the key to maintain the normal operation of the compressor. The general lubricating oil problems include: foreign matter mixing, causing lubricating oil pollution, blocking the oil filter; high temperature effect causing lubricating oil degradation, losing lubrication function ;-85 degrees ultra-low temperature freezer system water pollution, acidification, erosion of the motor.

Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) sub-85 degree ultra-low temperature freezer compressors are branded manufacturers of compressors, including Emerson, Du Ling, Bitzer, Hanbell and other brands, may be less in the failure rate, but still need Regular maintenance.

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