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How to clean LNEYA low temperature refrigerator?

LNEYA low temperature refrigerators need to be cleaned after a long time of use. So, how should the cleaning be carried out? How to clean it is not wrong?

The low-temperature refrigerator cleaning includes the cleaning of the cooling water system and the cleaning of the chilled water system. The cleaning of the cooling water system is mainly to remove scales such as scale, biological slime and corrosion products from the inner wall of the pipeline and the heat exchange surface of the condenser. The cleaning of the chilled water system is mainly to remove deposits such as biological slime and corrosion products inside the evaporator heat exchange surface, the inner wall of the chilled water pipe, the inner wall of the fan coil and the air conditioning system equipment.

The low-temperature refrigerator is physically cleaned with a wire brush, brushed with a special scraper, and cleaned with a high-pressure water jet. And these methods are mainly applicable to water-cooled condensers and shell-and-tube evaporators. High-pressure water jet cleaning, this method can also be used to clean equipment such as pipes. When cleaning the heat exchanger, the ends of the heat exchanger must be removed, and the heat exchange tubes are washed one by one with a high pressure water gun. For pipes, high pressure water jets with flexible tips can be used for cleaning.

Low-temperature refrigerator chemical cleaning is a method of dissolving, loosening, peeling off or peeling off deposits in a device to be cleaned by the action of a chemical agent. Chemical cleaning is also commonly used in conjunction with physical cleaning. The round robin method is a widely used method. The cleaning equipment is formed into a closed loop by means of a temporary cleaning tank, the cleaning liquid is continuously circulated, and the deposition layer is continuously dissolved and detached by the chemical action and the flushing action of the fresh cleaning liquid.

The cleaning method of LNEYA low-temperature refrigerator is as shown above. If the user has problems in each accessory during the cleaning process, it is recommended to solve it in time.

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