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LNEYA high and low temperature heating refrigerator maintenance instructions

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High and low temperature heating refrigerators use circulating water to replace circulating water regularly every month. If heat transfer oil is used, heat transfer oil should be replaced periodically every six months to one year. When the high and low temperature heating refrigerator is used for more than 150 degrees for a long time, check the heat transfer oil every three to six months, and decide whether to replace it according to the actual situation. When replacing the circulating oil, do not let water or foreign matter fall into the fuel tank.

Due to the thermal expansion and contraction during transportation and work in the middle of the machine, the nut of the terminal may be loosened, resulting in excessive current causing oxidation of the copper of the terminal, causing the short circuit to burn out the heating tube and the contactor. Maintenance of the heating tube of the high and low temperature heating chiller requires attention. Remove the sealing plate after the machine, open the wiring cover of the heating tube, and use the corresponding size of the sleeve for the nut of each connection and the nut at the joint of the copper piece (including under the copper piece). The nuts are all tightened and reinforced. If the water/oil scale of the high and low temperature heating refrigerator is serious, the whole heating pipe should be removed, and the surface of the heating pipe and the inside of the heating pipe should be cleaned and maintained to prevent the heating pipe from being burnt out due to poor circulation of the system.

When using the equipment, be sure to open the cooling water inlet and outlet valves on the back of the machine, with or without cooling water. The water circulation high and low temperature heating refrigerator may need to avoid the high pressure power failure of the machine due to thermal expansion during the heating process, and the pressure of the cooling water remaining inside the cooler may be prevented from being ruptured due to heat exchange expansion. Causes oil and water to mix and the machine does not work properly.

When not in use, be sure to disconnect the cooling water connection pipe, clean the remaining cooling water/heat transfer oil in the pipe, and store it in a dry place.

High and low temperature heating refrigerators need to be shut down for a period of time due to production. When restarting the machine, it is necessary to clean the filter and heating tube of the Y-type filter of the hot oil inlet to avoid the machine is not running for a long time, and the grease and impurities are deposited inside. The circulation is not smooth and the service life is shortened.

The maintenance of high and low temperature heating chillers is an important part of daily operation. Please keep in mind the high and low temperature heating chiller maintenance during the daily operation of the operator.

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