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Maintenance of vacuum pump for fully enclosed heating and cooling circulator

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Each accessory in the fully enclosed heating and cooling circulator constitutes the entire refrigeration heating and temperature control system. The performance of the pump is also very important. How to make the maintenance of the pump?

For the fully enclosed heating and cooling circulator circuit, the electronic circuit and the mechanical rotating part are routinely inspected and repaired. Pay attention to whether the various indicators are damaged or deteriorated, and regular maintenance is required.

Do the vacuum pump working status and the registration of each working time, record the cause of the instrument failure and the troubleshooting method in time to ensure that the vacuum pump works in a better state.

Keep the vacuum pump symmetrically balanced. If the sample tube placed in the pump chamber is unbalanced, it will cause the circulating water vacuum pump to shift. After the shutdown is reset, check if the vacuum pump is normal.

Before use, please pay attention to check the rotor for corrosion points and fine cracks. The rotor that has been corroded or cracked is forbidden to use. If the rotor exceeds the shelf life, it should be checked frequently to ensure personal safety.

The fully enclosed heating and cooling circulator vacuum pump cover door bolts should be checked frequently and kept flexible to prevent forced opening or closing. When an abnormality occurs, it is necessary to repair and replace it in time. Common faults, usually pay attention to observation, and promptly eliminate the solution.

After use, the water in the pump chamber should be dried, and a small amount of neutral grease should be applied to the cone surface of the motor shaft periodically. Remove the rotor from the circulating water vacuum pump for a long time, wipe it clean and place it in a dry place.

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