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How to solve the problem of poor cooling performance of the heat transfer oil circulation system?

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Some heat-conducting oil circulation systems will not be as good as before after 3 months of use. At this time, it is recommended to contact the professional after-sales department to check the user’s power supply and whether the equipment is normal. The test heat conduction oil circulation system is set to cool operation, and the working pressure is 4.5kg/cm2. Considering that the variable frequency heat transfer oil circulation system uses the electronic expansion valve to throttle, it is not accurate to judge the fault only by the working pressure. Therefore, the outdoor working current is measured again. The measurement finds that the working current is only 10.5A, which is much smaller than the rated value, and the fault is determined as “ Lack of refrigerant.”

Then, first find out the refrigerant leakage part of the heat transfer oil circulation system. Try to open the mechanism heat, use the washing spirit liquid to coat the joints for leak detection, and find that the joint is not tightened, which is the cause of refrigerant leakage. After tightening, check the leak again to make sure the pipeline is intact and then charge the system with refrigerant.

The heat transfer oil circulation system uses the “constant flow charging method”. In order to ensure the accuracy of the refrigerant charge, the exhaust pipe temperature sensor is first suspended. After starting up, use the ammeter to measure the current on the outdoor power line of the heat transfer oil circulation system. As the refrigerant replenishment increases, the current will gradually increase. When the rated current value reaches 12A (the 70-type inverter cabinet is 16A), the refrigeration The dosage of the agent is appropriate. This method is often used during home repairs.

If the heat transfer oil circulation system is overhauled or the leak is too large, and the refrigerant has leaked out in the system for a long time, the refrigerant can be charged by the quantitative method. First, the system is evacuated, and vacuuming or external air evacuation can be used. Then, the system is filled with refrigerant according to the standard. If the external air is emptied, it should be slightly less than the standard amount and in the cold state. These are the reasons why after a few months of use, suddenly become uncooled or poorly cooled.

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