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Organic waste gas treatment device noise description

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With the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, various manufacturers have paid more and more attention to their own organic waste gas treatment. LNEYA organic waste gas treatment equipment specializes in the treatment of various organic waste gases and promotes continuous optimization of environmental protection issues.

In the internal structure of the organic waste gas treatment device, the compressor is the core position. Generally, the compressor has two types of compressors, a scroll type and a screw type. This depends on your needs to select a suitable compressor once the compressor If there is noise, you should first check if the expansion valve is over-opened. If you open it, you should turn it down. Next, check if the refrigerant is too much. If it exceeds the limit, remember to eliminate the excess chiller.
If the organic waste gas treatment device emits noise, the water quality is basically problematic. The organic waste gas treatment device recommends that you perform water treatment according to the corresponding requirements.

Most of the organic waste gas treatment devices are made of metal. Once your parts lack lubrication, they will generate a certain amount of friction and make noise. In addition to this, everyone should pay attention to maintenance, so that there will be fewer failures. point.

If there is noise in the organic waste gas treatment device, you can check whether the compressor is short of oil. If it is out of oil, check it up quickly, check the load of the compressor in time, and solve the problem in time.

The above knowledge of organic waste gas treatment equipment can also help you effectively solve some of the problems of use. At the same time, you can pay attention to LNEYA Constant Temperature Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., and introduce new products every year according to industry trends, so stay tuned.

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