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Small environmental test chamber compressor should pay attention after maintenance

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In the centrifugal small-scale environmental test chamber, the suction recovery device is generally an independent system, and if necessary, the pipeline connected to the condenser and the evaporator can be closed for separate maintenance.

After replacing the compressor in the small environmental test chamber, the pumping recovery device generally uses the automatic mode to open, stop and work during the operation of the unit. Therefore, the oil level of the oil separator of the piston compressor should be strictly monitored. Strictly monitor the level of the refrigerant in the recovery condenser. If the liquid level is not visible, the recovery condenser is not effective. Check whether the coolant line and the filter are blocked. If the non-condensable gas removed by the bleed valve contains more refrigerant gas, check if the float valve at the top of the recovery condenser is stuck.

If the venting valve that is automatically vented in the small environmental test chamber does not open the deflation when the specified pressure value is reached, the operation of the suction recovery device should be stopped and the exhaust valve should be overhauled. Frequent activation of the pumping recovery unit indicates that a large amount of air has leaked into the unit. Before the start of the refrigeration unit or during the start-up process, the manual operation of the suction recovery device is generally adopted. The time of each operation is limited by the decrease of the condensing pressure and the heat of the piston compressor motor casing. Generally, the continuous operation time is less than 30 minutes. If the small environmental test chamber is not used for a long time, it can be turned on for a short time to lubricate the compressor part. If the small environmental test chamber does not need to exclude non-condensable gases, the unit should also be operated for 15 to 20 minutes per day or several days.

The maintenance of the small environmental test box is also inevitable. It is recommended to make regular maintenance plans and carry out maintenance in a timely and effective manner.

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