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Directly at the exhibition | Shanghai Automotive Testing Expo

Go to Wuxi Guanya booth and hit the hot spot! ! !
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Booth No. 13048
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As a brand manufacturer, Wuxi Guanya competes with the major brands, not inferior. With excellent technical strength and professional product quality, it has been splendid at this exhibition and is favored by customers from all over the country.
[13048] Booth
As soon as it was launched, the product display area was full of people and lively. The influence of Wuxi Guanya can be imagined. The small partners who participated in the exhibition work patiently explained the design of each refrigeration heating equipment of Wuxi Guanya. Ideas and characteristics.
Facing the crowds, the busyness of the staff can be imagined, but this did not make any discounts on their enthusiasm, and actively answered questions for the audience.
Wuxi Guanya: More than ten years focused on refrigeration heating temperature control system

Have digital in ultra-low temperature, high and low temperature development
R&D team of experienced professional designers
In particular, the precise temperature control of the reactor is internationally advanced.
Single medium control - 90 degrees to +250 degrees continuous temperature control
And accurately control the temperature of the reactor material
Product temperature range from -152 degrees to 350 degrees

New energy battery motor test, more worry-free

Application vehicle type:
1. Hybrid electric vehicle; 2. Pure electric vehicle; 3. Hydrogen engine car; 4. Fuel cell electric vehicle; 5. Extended-range electric vehicle; 6. Other new energy vehicles;
Application automotive field:
It is specially designed for the precision temperature control equipment of new energy automobile permanent magnet synchronous motor, switched reluctance motor, asynchronous motor and its controller.

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