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Minimum 40 degree refrigerator use precautions

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The temperature of the lower 40 degree refrigerator is indoor temperature: 5-32 °C, relative humidity 80%/22 °C, the distance from the ground > 10cm, the altitude below 2000m, the safe environment guarantees a smoother operation of the lower 40 degree refrigerator.

During the use of the minus 40 degree refrigerator, the samples with strong acidity and corrosiveness should not be frozen. Check the sealing strip of the outer door frequently. The four feet of the floor are stable and level. Please pay attention to the use. When there is a power failure prompt, press the stop button. .

The power supply voltage 220v (AC) should be stable, and the power supply current should be at least 15A (AC) or more. When a power failure occurs, turn off the power switch and battery switch behind the minus 40 degree refrigerator, and wait until the normal power supply is restored. Turn the power switch on and then on the battery switch.

At least 40 degrees refrigerator, it is very important to keep the heat on the refrigerator. To maintain indoor ventilation and good heat dissipation environment, the ambient temperature should not exceed 30C. When accessing the sample, the door should not be too large, and the access time should be as short as possible. Note that the samples that you need to access frequently should be placed on the top two layers. For samples that need to be stored for long periods of time, please keep them on the second floor. This will ensure that the air is not excessively lost when the door is opened, and the temperature will not rise too fast.

Pay attention to the minus 40 degree refrigerator filter cleaning once a month (first suck it with a vacuum cleaner, rinse it with water, dry it and reset it), the internal condenser sucks the dust on the vacuum cleaner every two months; Turn off the power to the refrigerator and open the door. When the ice and frost begin to melt, put a clean and easily absorbent cloth on each layer of the refrigerator to absorb and wipe the water (note that there will be a lot of water).

The precautions for the use of the lower 40 degree refrigerator are required for careful inspection by the enterprise users. Do not use too much force to avoid damage.

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