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High and low temperature cycle machine compressor performance description

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The importance of the performance of high and low temperature cycle machine compressors must be known to everyone, then LNEYA reminds users that it is necessary to understand the common sense of the performance of the compressor.

The high-low temperature cycle integrated machine compressor thermal switch and the thermistor are independent of the compressor wiring, and are not directly connected in the compressor circuit. The thermal switch controls the compressor control circuit through the feel of the compressor cover temperature. . The thermistor is a negative temperature characteristic component that has a feedback signal output to the microprocessor. A set of temperature and resistance tables are pre-entered in the microprocessor. Each time a resistance is measured, the corresponding temperature can be reflected in the microcomputer, and then the temperature control is achieved.

After the high-low temperature cycle integrated machine is charged with refrigerant, the electric performance is checked first. After the liquid refrigerant is sealed, the liquid refrigerant charged may condense on the terminal block, and the insulation resistance of the liquid refrigerant is much smaller than that of the gaseous refrigerant. Instantly reduce the insulation level of the whole machine. After operation, the liquid refrigerant evaporates and the insulation returns to normal.

Why does the system have to specify the degree of vacuum? The vacuum degree of the refrigeration heating temperature control system of the high and low temperature cycle integrated machine directly affects the water content in the system. The lower the vacuum degree, the less water vapor remains in the system. If it is not vacuum, it may cause ice blockage of the capillary tube and expansion valve during heating; the acidic environment caused by moisture will aggravate the deterioration of the oil and the burning of the motor; it will erode the parts and have a fatal effect on the compressor. There will be a phenomenon of “copper plating”, which will affect the matching clearance and sealing effect of the parts; severe copper plating will directly lead to the blocking of the parts; the refrigerant will decompose. In the vacuum state, the compressor is strictly prohibited from operating or applying an electric pulse, because in the vacuum state, electrons are easily released, thus generating a discharge. When there is a medium (such as refrigerant or air) between the charged bodies, the electrons are not easily released.

Compressor performance is more critical. LNEYA high and low temperature cycle machine compressors are all branded compressors, both domestic and foreign brands, and can be selected according to specific models.

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