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The benefits of choosing a cryostat

The temperature of the effluent of the cryogenic refrigerator is very low, so the carrier medium can not be used for water (the water will freeze when it reaches 0 ° C). At this time, it is necessary to use a brine solution or a glycol solution, and the compressor to be used. Also, cryogenic refrigerators must use matched cryogenic compressors.

The cryogenic refrigerator can meet the needs of the user's factory for sub-zero cryogenic fluids, so the whole machine function is very efficient because it has the following characteristics:

1. Stable performance, reliable quality, fast cooling speed, high efficiency, strong applicability, long service life, able to meet the factory's 24-hour operation (if you need to stop, you must discharge the water/solution in the unit).

2. The refrigeration unit is compact in structure, and can be used as a box-sealed structural freezer according to the cooling power, or an open structure freezer. The bottom of some models of the box freezer is also equipped with casters, which is more convenient to install.

3. All low-temperature freezer has completed the debugging work before leaving the factory. Therefore, after receiving the user, the user can connect the equipments according to the installation diagram, and the power supply and water system can be put into use, which is convenient and quick.

4. The temperature control of the refrigeration unit can be adjusted by itself. According to the temperature requirements, the minimum temperature control of the unit is also different. If the minimum temperature is not required, the user can adjust the temperature on the control panel. For example, if you purchase a freezer, the temperature is -20 °C. If you don't need it, you can adjust it to -15 °C, or -10 °C, but not more than -20 °C.

5. For low-temperature freezer with large cooling power demand, you can choose to use two or more compressors to make an independent refrigeration system. In the event of a compressor failure during the operation of the unit, other compressors can operate normally. This will not have a major impact on cooling demand. And in the process of repairing the faulty compressor, it does not affect the operation of other compressors.
The characteristics of the cryogenic refrigerator are clear. When choosing it, we must consider it clearly, especially its temperature requirements must be clear. After all, it is necessary to reach a temperature below zero. The lower the temperature, the more complicated the production. Only when the matching is reasonable can the cooling effect be better.

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