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Maintenance knowledge of high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device

The high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device is one of the more common equipments in the temperature control system. A good equipment is inseparable from daily maintenance. So how much do you know about maintenance?

High and low temperature constant temperature circulation device The entire liquid circulation is closed, with an expansion vessel, the expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are adiabatic, do not participate in the liquid circulation, but are mechanically connected, regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high temperature or low temperature expansion in the container The medium is below 60 degrees.

High and low temperature constant temperature circulation device, no water vapor absorption at low temperature, no oil mist at high temperature, heat transfer oil can have a wide working temperature; mechanical and electronic valves are not used in the whole circulation system. When opening or closing the test object from the box, the article shall not be in contact with the door sealing strip. If the compressor is cooled by air cooling, the condenser fan shall be regularly inspected and the condenser shall be decontaminated and dedusted.

Due to the different cleanliness levels of the high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device, many small particles such as dust will be condensed on the evaporator under the forced air circulation, so we must clean the evaporator regularly. The humidifier fouling easily causes the humidifier to dry and may burn the humidifier, so the water circuit and the humidifier must be cleaned regularly. At the end of each experiment, it is recommended to clean the test chamber with clean water to keep the equipment clean. After the cabinet is cleaned, the cabinet should be dried to keep the cabinet dry. After the completion of each test, the temperature is set near the ambient temperature, and the power is turned off after about 30 minutes of work, and the wall of the working chamber is wiped clean.

LNEYA high and low temperature constant temperature circulation equipment professional manufacturer, producing various types of high and low temperature one machine, can also design and manufacture various non-standard products according to customer needs.

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