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Official announcement! 2018 API China officially kicked off

Exhibition News 1560
Official announcement!
2018 API China
On October 17th, the Nanjing International Expo Center officially kicked off~
Wuxi Guanya carries popular products:
Refrigeration heating temperature control system,
TCU, refrigeration heating circulator and other equipment
Debuted at China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Intermediate Packaging Equipment Exhibition
Do you guys can’t wait?
Want to come to Wuxi Guanya exhibition to have a good time?
Come and come
5G18, we are waiting for you!
Will broadcast the Wuxi Guanya scene for everyone
Come and come
Whether you want to buy a refrigeration heating temperature control system
Still refrigeration equipment
We are your best choice
Wuxi Guanya Service Hotline: “+86-4008522178”
The picture is uploaded so much first
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