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Low Temperature Freezer

Application in Reactor systems, Low-temperature reactions, Pilot plant, Syntheses, Process development, etc.Reactor Systems, Low-Temperature Reactions, Pilot Plant, Syntheses, Process Development, Etc.

The low-temperature freezer is mainly used for scientific research, the preservation of medical supplies, the low-temperature experiment, and storage of biologic and pelagic products, electronic components and special materials such as industrial chemicals. The commonly used low-temperature freezer generally includes -40℃,-90℃,-110℃,-130℃ and even -160℃. Different manufacturers have different temperature divisions. The chemical reagents, which are demonstrated with three levels named GR, AR and GP, are 225 in total according to the national standard and departmental standard of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry in the People's Republic of China.

The mentioned 225 chemical reagents lay the foundation on the contents in a standard form nationally. The measurement for contents in other chemicals is determined by this standard so that the quality of these chemical reagents is essential. Meanwhile, besides the possible deterioration on their own, the storage security problem of chemical reagents in the lab should be taken into account as well. Not only losing the precious samples is troublesome but the loss of those highly risky and toxic samples and reagents will cause danger. Therefore, the humane low-temperature freezer, which can control the temperature accurately and is equipped with a safety control system and unique refrigerating system, has an extensive application in chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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