The difference between a large refrigeration and heating circulator and a test chamber

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1. For the high temperature test under special circumstances, the high and low temperature test chamber may not meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the high temperature upper limit of the high and low temperature test box is 200 ℃, and its uniformity has reached about 3 ℃, but if the high temperature is required If the temperature is above 200℃, it cannot be used, and it must be carried out in a high temperature test chamber;

2. The high and low temperature chamber integrated device including low temperature refrigeration equipment can be used for low temperature test chamber, but the test temperature of the high temperature test chamber is from room temperature to high temperature; therefore, we must consider more when selecting high and low temperature test chamber or high temperature test chamber. To the test standard and test temperature to be carried out, in order to reduce the cost of research and development and production!

Large-scale refrigeration and heating circulators have a variety of safety protection functions

The large refrigeration and heating circulator can simulate the test conditions of different environments such as high temperature and low temperature, low temperature and high temperature. It is equipped with a high-accuracy programming system that is easy to operate and learn. Shandong large refrigeration and heating cycle machine provides test performance conditions. Large refrigeration and heating cycle machines are widely applicable It is used in the adaptability test of electrical engineering, electronics, instrumentation and other product parts under high and low temperature and humid environment during storage, transportation and use.

Suppliers have made major improvements to the new-generation appearance design of large refrigeration and heating circulators, and the cabinet structure, refrigeration system, and control technology have been greatly improved. The technical indicators are more stable, the high and low temperature refrigeration integrated machine, the operation is more reliable, the maintenance is more convenient, and the large refrigeration and heating The circulation machine is equipped with universal rollers for easy movement in the laboratory.

Description of compressor shutdown of explosion-proof large refrigeration heating circulator

If there is a sudden power failure during the operation of the refrigeration compressor, the power switch should be cut off and the suction valve and exhaust valve of the compressor should be closed immediately. At the same time, close the liquid supply valve and stop supplying liquid to the evaporator to prevent the evaporator from starting the machine next time. Too much liquid causes wet compression.

If the cooling water is suddenly interrupted, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the operation of the refrigeration compressor should be stopped to avoid excessive condenser pressure. After the compressor is stopped, the suction and discharge valves of the compressor and the relevant liquid supply valve should be closed immediately, and the cause should be found to eliminate the fault, and the water supply should be restored before starting.

Operation process of circulating pump for large refrigeration and heating circulator

The circulation pump of the large-scale refrigeration heating circulator must first be connected to the power supply of the equipment. Before installing the equipment, understand the wiring requirements of the circulating pump of the large refrigeration heating circulator. If possible, connect the circulating pump of the equipment and other equipment in parallel on the circuit, and it is recommended to set the switch of the circulating pump separately.

Because this can ensure that the circuit of other equipment or the equipment itself fails without affecting the normal use of the circulating pump of the large refrigeration heating circulator. After the installation is complete, plug in the power plug and turn on the switch and drain valve of the main power supply.

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