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Temperature shock test chamber failure performance description

The temperature shock test chamber is widely used in various major industries. When users purchase, they hope that their temperature impact test chamber can be used for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to understand each fault of the temperature shock test chamber. .

The equipment should be placed on a flat and sturdy ground. If you need to raise the height, you should also choose a smooth, hard, non-combustible cushion. Do not use the packaging foam pad of the equipment to raise the equipment. If it is slightly unstable, you can adjust the black adjustable foot on the front of the device; turn the adjustable foot clockwise to increase the height of the device; turn it counterclockwise to reduce the height of the device.

Place the temperature shock test chamber equipment away from the heat source and avoid direct sunlight and strong magnetic environment, so as not to affect the working performance of the equipment. The equipment should be placed in a well ventilated area, and the space around the equipment, including the back, should be more than 30cm. Do not place it in a damp or splashy place. Spilled water and dirt should be cleaned with a soft cloth in time. Sometimes incorrect maintenance may cause equipment failure, so be sure to follow the instructions of the temperature shock test chamber before maintenance. Or according to the knowledge of professional and technical personnel.

The fault performance is as shown above, and remind everyone that whether it is a temperature shock test chamber or other equipment, precision maintenance is required to ensure the service life and accuracy.
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