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Why is there air in the reactor temperature control system?

The impurity gas in the reactor temperature control system is to increase the condensing pressure of the refrigeration system, thereby increasing the condensing temperature, increasing the exhaust temperature of the compressor, increasing the power consumption, reducing the cooling efficiency, and possibly the exhaust gas temperature is too high. The carbonization of the lubricating oil affects the lubrication effect, and in severe cases, the refrigeration compressor motor is burnt.

The gas generated in the reactor temperature control system may be leaking air. It may be when the refrigerant is filled or lubricated, the outside air is taken into the air, or the temperature of the reactor temperature control system is not tight enough to cause air to enter. Inside the system. In addition, gas is generated due to decomposition of the refrigerant oil, impure refrigerant, and corrosion of the metal material. Of course, Wuxi Guanya uses a fully enclosed circulation system on the reactor temperature control system to prevent this air from entering the reactor temperature control system.

In general, the gas in the reactor temperature control system is expressed in the reactor temperature control system compressor exhaust pressure and exhaust gas temperature rise, the pressure gauge pointer on the condenser (or reservoir) violently swings, the compressor The cylinder hair is hot, the condenser shell is very hot; the surface temperature of the evaporator temperature control system is unevenly frosted. When there is a large amount of gas in the reactor temperature control system, the ambient temperature cannot be lowered due to the decrease of the cooling capacity of the reactor. The machine runs for a long time, and even the high-pressure relay operates to stop the compressor.

If the reactor temperature control system has these gases, the pressure of the refrigeration system can be measured by a pressure gauge to compare with the saturation pressure at that ambient temperature. If the measured pressure is greater than the saturation pressure at ambient temperature, the system contains gas.

If the above-mentioned gases are found in the reactor temperature control system, it is necessary to eliminate these gases in time and solve the faults in time.
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